Cimento cement vases designed by Jorge Carreira for VICARA

At Vicara we pride ourselves on quality design brought to you by our network of designers and local producers. Based in Leiria, Portugal, and surrounded by a thriving group of small manufacturers that work closely with our team of designers, we started out in 2011. Since then, our products and collections reflect a way of designing that creates mutual benefit and brings innovation to the industries we work with.




Vicara Studio uses a design approach to create strategies, products and stories for brands and manufacturers. We use our expertise to guide our clients in product development and innovation. Our team often takes recourse to multidisciplinary groups to work on specific assignments or to brainstorm for our self-initiated ventures. We have been involved in many successful projects in the areas of product development, strategic branding, concepts for events, production consultancy and exhibitions.



Vicara Lab combines design and manufacturing in a place for material and process experimentation.
We are available to execute works in the fields of cenography, custom furniture and special commissioned projects.

  • Ceramic Production

  • Comissioned Projects

  • Wood Turning VICARA manufacturing sourcing

    Furniture Production

  • Glass Production Portugal

    Glass Production

  • Team

    Vicara is made of by a lot of people, some design, some produce and some are on the team.

    • João Marcão

    • Paulo Sellmayer


    • 10.01.19
      Ambiente Fair, Frankfurt
    • 18.12.18
      CMAC – Paris 2018
    • 19.11.18
      Núcleo Duro at Lisbon Gallery
    • Casa de São Lourenço
    • 23.10.18
      Leonor at MUDE
    • 17.10.18
      VI •CA•RA
    • 28.09.18
      Lizbon in Zurich
    • 27.07.18
      New Copy Paste board by OJEAM studio
    • 03.07.18
      CMYK on Vogue Portugal
    • 08.05.18


    address: R. Sá de Miranda, 20-1ºA
    2410-273 Leiria, Portugal
    phone: +351 911 906 934

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