We are locally based but we function as a collaborative international network. Some people design, some help us tell our story and some are on the team. VICARA reflects a work process that creates mutual benefits for everyone involved.

Rio de Janeiro based designer Brunno Jahara is an energetic champion of a fresh new Brazilian design scene.

Product: Conterrâneos

João Xará graduated in Spatial Design and has a MA in Product Design, both from ESAD.CR.

Products: To Come!

Paulo Sellmayer is fascinated by the interplay of man and nature and the cultural implications of objects. He is a co-founder of Vicara and acts as a link between all partners, designers and stakeholders.

Co-founder and Designer
Products: Cristo PurificadorJarrra and Stacked

Eneida holds an MA in Product Design and focuses in her work on craftsmanship and artisanal techniques.

Sales Manager
Products: Caruma, Madeira x Metal, MDF x Metal

Estúdio Mulato is the design studio of Eneida Lombe Tavares and Jorge Carreira. Based in Caldas da Rainha, their projects often cross several processes and materials.

Products: MDF X Metal , Madeira X Metal

Fábio is a product designer and also a co-founder of VICARA. His work is based on simple materials and minimal forms.

Products: Cartonado

A graduate in Product Design from ESAD.CR, Jorge is strongly focused on the manufacturing/production process.

Products: Cimento, Madeira x Metal, MDF x Metal

Halfstudio is Lettering and Sign Painting studio established by Mariana Branco and Emanuel Barreira.

Products: Pitéu collection

Hugo Graça is a Ceramic Designer based in Caldas da Rainha who emphasizes on organic processes and natural elements.

Product: Lastra

Luis is a multidisciplinary designer who searches for new meanings for his products.

Products: Veneer, Bajouca and Base.

Monica Santos is a Porto-based design studio, founded by Monica Braga dos Santos. Time & happiness are key there, and each object is seen as a moment in life, one to be experienced.

Products: Pausa collection

Margarida is a product designer who explores the possibilities of ceramics as a working media.

Products: Calçada B/W

Designer and potter, Mariana is also Malga Ceramic, a studio dedicated to the creation of tableware piece full of soul.

Products: Cachoupo collection

Founded by João Valente and Maria Pita Guerreiro, this studio’s work is based on the duo’s different perspectives and the finding of a balance for their projects.

Products: CMYK, Grayscale and Copy Paste

Senior developer & industrial designer at Hay and founder of Rui’s research focus on finding new perspectives and experiences by proposing new product typologies that create an immediate connection with the user.

Product: Lateira

Samuel is an observer of and collector of things from the natural environment who incorporates these components into his projects.

Products: Cerne Carafe, Cerne Glasses, Cerne Vases and Pyrolysis

Sofia plays with geometry and is intrigued by material fragility, applying this aspect to inventive solutions.

Products: P1 and H3

Vítor focuses in his design work on ceramics, taking a very hands-on approach that explores the manufacturing process to the full.

Products: Layers, Poliedro and Poliedro Candle

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