Basketry VICARA Portugal


We use basketry techniques in some of our handmade products. The variety and richness the use of natural fibers gives to products is unmistakable.

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Pottery is very abundant in Portugal, and specially in our region, there are a multitude of applications, from construction to pavement to tableware.

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Pottery Tasco VICARA
Ceramic VICARA design Craft


Ceramic is exceptional in Portugal, as you can source all kinds of manufacturers and processes. We produce via casting and pressing in stoneware.

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Wood products have a warm touch, reminding us the material was once a living thing. As it is very versatile to work with, we use different tecniques to transform it into products.

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Wood Turning VICARA Portugal
Glassblowing VICARA Portugal


Glass has this exceptional characteristic of clarity. We have a lot of experience working with glassblowers in handmade and industrial processes.

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