On the 30th of May we are going to present the latest VICARA’s collection entitled “TASCO” 🍷
It will take place in Fabrica Features Lisboa, and the exhibition will be running up until the 23rd June.

“TASCO” 🍷  will focus on the portuguese gastronomic cultural heritage.
Adding plates, small cups and bowls to our catalogue, with these ceramic pieces you will able to set up a table for a nice petisco 🙂 

For the#designerofthemonth we released a LIMITED edition of 4 POLIEDRO pieces in one of the brand’s favourite color: Blue.
For this event, they are available in them Aquamarine Light Blue and in Navy Dark Blue.
Part of the designer’s Mutant Moulds which create diferent shapes each time a piece is produced.

NEW Products

Following our close collaboration with our designers, this year we are lauching a few new products. The first batch of products is composed by specially made pieces. Apart from our already usually ceramic and glass pieces, we added a burnt wood lathed bowl.

We are going to be exhibiting at the Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, from the 8th-12th February. You can find us in the Hall 8.0 at the B 96 Booth. Focused on glass and tableware, we are going to be presenting new products and versions. Feel free to visit or make an appointment with us. We are happy to welcome you.

During the first week of December we were in Paris at the CMAC-2018, “Carrousel des Métiers d’Crt et de Création”,. Promoted by Portugal Global – Aicep, this iniative aimed at exhibiting some of the finnest crafstmen in Portugal. Our products Caruma vases and Cerne carafe and glasses were among the most popular.

At the end of this month we are going to present “Núcleo Duro” in Lisbon. With the suport of Lisbon Gallery – Design&Architecture by experimenta we are launching new products designed by our closest group of experimental designers.  So Save the Date. At the 30th of November and 1st of December, we are going to be at Chiado, Lisbon.

The first 5 stars Hotel in Serra da Estrela is now open. At Casa de São Lourenço – Burel Panorama Hotel you can find pieces from various artists and designers, some of them from VICARA, like the Caruma Vases from Eneida Tavares and the P1 pieces by Sofia Venâncio. With architecture from Site Specific and interior design by P-06, the hotel looks simply amazing. Take a look at some of the pictures and judge by yourself at www.casadesaolourenco.pt.


Leonor at MUDE

The Museum for Design and Fashion, MUDE, organized the exhibition “Presente, Futuro. Design para a mudança”, which consists of 37 proposals that cover areas diverse as transportation, educations, music and other. Proposals that in some way direct towards a future of change.  The ceramic tops Leonor, designed by Rita de Almeida Martins, were one of the selected pieces. In a world of mass consumption the Leonor pieces allow for the re-use of empty common glass containers, turning then into beautiful jars and vases.


At Livraria Arquivo‘s gallery space we presented all our products for the first time in our home town. At the exhibition opening we had the pleasure of receiving many visitors, friends, colleagues and interested visitors. Intended as voyage towards the story of the brand, it showcases our products, as well as the designers and press.

The Lisbon Gallery – Design & Architecture presents, until the 27th October, “Lizbon in Zurich” in partnership with the gallery Brand New World Salon  
The pieces in display are “Cimento” by  Jorge Carreira, “Caruma” by Eneida Lombe Tavares and”Layers” by Vitor Agostinho.