VICARA is a portuguese design brand which, since 2011, edits exclusive collections of products for the home. 

Our mission is to help designers and makers promote and sell their products through our network of retailers and clients. Additionally, we keep a close relationship with all the local manufacturers who make our products.

Our products are presented in three conceptual collections, each aiming to bring a new meaning to our homes.

  • ICONICS: Pieces that explore high-end craftsmanship, in a experimental way. Produced in small batches by a community of designers and artisans.
  • HOMEWARE: A collection of home accessories oriented for Museum Shops, gift stores and design retailers.
  • TASCO: A tableware sub-brand that pays tribute to the portuguese culture and the traditional handmade terracotta pottery. 

We are a brand focused on exporting for larger markets, where the collections can reach more people. Check out our selected network of more than 50 retailers on 15 countries spread around the globe.

Additionally we occasionally launch unique pieces from some of our designer/makers. We also welcome special commissioned pieces.

We also work as a design studio, bringing innovative solutions adapted to each client.

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