Vicara Studio uses a design approach to create strategies, products and stories for brands and manufacturers. We use our expertise to guide our clients in product development and innovation. Our team often takes recourse to multidisciplinary groups to work on specific assignments or to brainstorm for our self-initiated ventures. We have been involved in many successful projects in the areas of product development, strategic branding, production consultancy and exhibitions/events.

Product and concept development

Departing from our own brand experience, we offer our design and strategy services for manufatures and companies that which to create new or develop existing brands. Analysing the value chain, benchmarking, designing products and implementing innovation processes.

In our product development process we employ marketing and communication strategies to achieve the aims defined with the client. As we know that creating a new product for a company is a big step, we strive to deliver all the materials for an informed decision. Our design process undertakes several steps such as preliminary meeting, concept sketching and presentation and prototype development.

We are a team of industrial designers with a passion for materials and production methods. Working with different manufacturing partners in Portugal, we can offer competitive options in various materials and production processes. Specialized in Glass and ceramic manufacturing, we also lead projects in furniture, metals and lighting.

Bespoke and Custom Pieces

Depending on our clients need we offer a service for custom made pieces derived from our existing catalogue. Additionally we can design and make special comissioned pieces, such as trophies, furnitures, etc.

Exhibitions & Events

Since we started as a brand we designed every stand and exhibition we used to exhibit our products. Additionally we have produced some design related events such as Caldas Design Week and OFF Portugal.