At VICARA Design Studio we create products, collections and brands that feel natural to our clients.

We have 5 years experience in the field of industrial design, branding and production consultancy.

We are a team of product designers who love to tell a good story through our passion for materials and production methods, its cultural and market implications.

We practice a variety of services for our clients, having worked with companies, brands and cultural institutions such as Sumol + Compal, Normax, Cerveja Sovina, MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology and Amorim Cork.

Creative Direction & Product Design

We are experienced in creative & art direction, product & exhibition design and research & communication.

Our creative process involves developing a context for joint innovation in a collaborative project. Through a series of phases, we include the stakeholders in a collaborative co-criative process, where informed decisions are taken at each step. We aim for an integrated proposal within the identified scenario.

Production Consultancy

We use our expertise to guide our clients to materialize their ideas, through sourcing, strategic branding and production consultancy. Working with different manufacturing partners in Portugal, we can offer competitive options in various materials and production processes. We are specialized in glass and ceramic manufacturing, but we also lead projects in furniture, metals and lighting. We have worked with companies such as Raawii, Hay and The Socialite Family.

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